TitreIRAL : International review of applied linguistics in language teaching
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EditeurMouton de Gruyte
AuteurEd. by Jordens, Peter / Roberts, Leah
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Thématiqueslinguistique appliquée
Descripteursdidactique des langues , linguistique appliquée , apprentissage de la langue
DescriptifInternational Review of Applied Linguistics in Language Teaching (IRAL) is devoted to problems of general and applied linguistics in their various forms. IRAL's long-term interest lies in areas of research which concern first- and second-language acquisition (including sign language and gestural systems). Contributions are welcome on naturalistic and instructed language learning, language loss, bilingualism, language contact, pidgins and creoles, language for specific purposes, language technology, mother-tongue education, terminology and translation. The journal also features occasional thematic issues.